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Thread: my new funnel

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    my new funnel

    I have a brand new funnel that I made out of East India Rosewood last night. I kept thinking that I could make the bowl a little thinner. And then Voila out came a funnel.

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    Dang it, I hate that when that happens.....
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    Why don't you try to salvage it by adding a new bottom in a different wood or just a stem and a foot and change it into some sort of tall shallow bowl?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    Dang it, I hate that when that happens.....
    No pics...didn't happen. Although it takes a real glutton for punishment (like you or me, Stu) to take pictures of shop-made funnels and post them on the Intarweb.

    Sorry to hear about the mishap, Shawn. Why does it seem to only happen on pretty or expensive pieces of wood? My last funnel was one of the prettiest pieces of walnut I've found.
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    He/she who hasn't made a funnel, hasn't made squat!
    He/she who won't publish a picture of said funnel ain't made squat, either.

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    Bill that is funny.

    Shawn I made a funnel and saved it by getting the bottom squared. The glued a piece of walnut on. Finished turning it and the LOML uses it as a candy dish on her desk at work. It has had more comments than the vase I made her for her flowers. Here is my funnel.
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