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Thread: Work Sharp WS3000

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    Work Sharp WS3000

    I'm supposed to be saving my money for a real dust cleaner but some of the cash was burning a hole in my pocket so I wanted one of these and picked it up.

    I wanted something to sharpen my chisels with and this works very well. I have a couple cheap Buck Bros that I had got at the Borg one time. They been used for everything and were pretty nicked up. I ran them through the 4 grits that came with the system and can shave the hair on my arm. I didnt think these would ever cut hot butter.

    I know it wont do real wide blades but at 2" and the ability to free hand on the top plate it should do everything I need.

    Here is a good review if somebody is looking for it.



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    Thanks for the quick review.

    This is definitely on my list.

    I think I know how to use water stones, but I need a lot more experience, mean while I have dull chisels and planes.

    I really think this machine got it right. I know it's not a veritas from Lee Valley, but I try to carefully buy each tool and find the one that fits my needs considering price and quality.

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    Hi Randy,

    The WorkSharp 3000 is a fantastic tool. After about a 20 minute learning period I could sharpen chisels and plane blades better than my dad---and he was really good at it. The 3000 lets me put the tool back in EXACTLY the same place it was before to continue working. I cannot do that by hand. As Glenn says, "I don't have the sharpening gene."

    The WorkSharp 2000 has no apeal to me. It still requires that I put the blade back exactly where it was before---just like all of the other sharpening techniques.

    I spent time yesterday smoothing a 30 x 48 inch piece of plywood that had been face glued to another piece. There is no way in the world I could have done that with my tools before the WorkSharp. Geeze, I sound like I own stock in the company...wish I did. I don't even know anyone there.

    Anyway it is a great tool I am sure that you will really enjoy it.


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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