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Thread: The Importance of Square

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    The Importance of Square

    As I endeavor to make my first cradle using mortise and tenon joinery, It became painfully clear to me why it is very critical for thing to be square...

    I began with cutting a 1"x6"x8' into 11" sections and then ripping the smaller sections to the size needed for the railings. Apparently I didn't adequately support the boards and none of the edges were close to square. On the small dewalt contractor saw that I have, i really need to make or get some outfeed tables/supports of some sort. I set up my incra miter gage(90degrees and used the depth stof) and began cutting the tenons. The flat cuts were fine for the most part only off on a very few instances, but when I stood them on end, they were consistently making cuts too deep by a millimeter or so.

    To correct this, I clamped all of the pieces together and shaved off some wood to make them square. Then my cuts were very precise and uniform...



    Hopefully someone can take this and not repeat my mistakes.

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    Good info and a good reminder Carl.
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    Isn't it amazing how a tiny bit here and there can add up to a lot somewhere else? Sounds like you recovered from the problem, though.
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