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Thread: Anybody get the call from Minimax that I got this morning?

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    Anybody get the call from Minimax that I got this morning?

    I got a call from a lady from Minimax this morning. She said that due to a policy change somehow relating to a new management they were calling past customers (only in CA?) and telling them that Minimax was going to send them out a bill for the sales tax on their equipment purchases.

    How is it legal for them to, almost a year and a half later in my case, decide to charge us more? When I was given the final price I believed it to include all extra charges. What was charged on my card was the bill. Now they want to come back and charge me for something that they decided to on a whim?

    Has anyone else gotten this call or notification? What's the flimflamdingdang deal here? Are they going to call up Steve Clardy and ask for money from him on the MM16 that they gave him when his roof collapsed? Sheeeeesh!
    Thanks, Mark.

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    I haven't had a call from them yet and I'm not going to pay any tax if I do!

    That stinks!
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    They are high. They need to eat that as a cost of doing business. If the rules changed after the sale that is not your problem. I sympathize that the amount compunded by the number of sales may be painful to them but you made your deal and settled up, you're done.

    I would notify your card to deny any charges that you do not authorize. LOML is still going around over a Rx that was charged without her consent. You can't return medicines so they don't want to refund it. She reversed the charge with her card but did not lock them out. They put the charge right back on.
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    I guess Jim is not there running the place any more?

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    Sounds like a scam to me. I'll bet MM sold a customer list and someone is trying to get people to say "ok, here's my charge card" and they go from there. Maybe I'm wrong. But I sure am skeptical at best.


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    sounds pretty odd. If this were legit, the web would be exploding in indignation and fury! But I can only find two threads about it: this and another. I think if I were you I would call the minmax number listed on their official website, just to confirm that it really is them. If they confirm that they're actually trying to do this, they're suicidal from a business perspective...



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    Sounds fishy to me, and generally in life if something looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and acts like a fish...its probably fishy.

    I am wondering...out loud here as I type...if maybe Minimax got plagued by that same Firewall Breach as the Hannaford Stores. That is a local food store here in Maine that had 4 million debit card numbers stolen that were stored inside their computer network. Perhaps a hacker got the Mininmax list and is soliciting customers?

    If you wanted to, I am sure you could file a grievance with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General Office of your state, and other consumer advocates as I am certain there are laws protecting you from such nonsense. In my opinion though, I would not waste to much time worrying about this. I think its a scam. Rather then go on the offensive and go after Minimax, who is more then likely a victim of this as well, I think you would be better off defending your good name...and your good warning your banks and credit institution that potential fraudulent charges might arise. Let their freud unit proceed on your behalf. I think they have better resources and experience in dealing with issues like this.

    Again, something smells fishy here...
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    I'd be very surprised if this is not a scam. Call MiniMax, preferably someone you know, and get their take on it. And if it's not a scam, tell them to pound sand.
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    It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to locate Minimax tool gloats on various WW forums then figure out what state they were in. Then locating phone numbers from there and making bogus calls. However, if this were happening by scammers I think they'd be trying to get CC numbers from the callee and doing the scam over the phone. What makes me think this is coming from Minimax is that the caller said they would be mailing a bill. This would be showing up on Minimax invoices with MM business envelopes, return addresses, and TX postmarks - hardly something that would be available to scammers. I'm wondering if CA is trying to somehow use sellers presence at WW shows as a "physical" presence in their state and pressuring MM to collect state sales tax??
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    Hmmm - tried a google search and if this is the same Mini Max USA, I think this may be the CA retail presence that might be behind this:
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