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Thread: Just got this...

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    Just got this...

    Just purchased this little drill. The thing that really sold me on this one - my old B&D had a seizure . Been waiting for that moment for a while. I've been through more than a couple drills now and this is the nicest of the bunch. This model has three modes; drilling, hammer drilling and screwing. The batteries are the Li-ion 14.4 3A series so I can buy other portables that use the same battery and switch no problem. Feels very balanced in the hand and the batteries charge full in 30 minutes.

    Makita HP440DRFX (model number is a little different for overseas)

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    Congrats. I love the balance of the Makita drills. Mine is a very old 9.6 that I like so much I had the batts rebuilt. When the motor finally goes (about 8 years so far), something like what you've got there would fill the bill.
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