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Thread: A Coarse Grinding Wheel worth recommending

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    A Coarse Grinding Wheel worth recommending

    I just got a Norton 3x 46 grit 8"x1" wheel from Hartville. With our Club 20% discount, it is only $36.

    I used this to replace a OEM 60 grit wheel from the Woodcraft grinder. This wheel runs silky smooth. It cuts fast, doesn't load up and runs a whole lot cooler. It holds up well; I cleaned up the wheel with a T diamond dresser after shaping two 3/8" tools from scratch. I cleaned up the wheel because I wanted to and not had to. With the WC wheel, I had to dip the tool in water frequently and had to dress the wheel several times because the wheel was loaded up and glazed so bad.

    I had tried the Norton 3X wheels from Hartville couple years ago. The wheels were so soft that I had bad grooving problem with very light grinding. I returned those to Hartville.

    I have the 80 grit Norton SG wheel on the other side. It is extremely good; but I don't think I use the coarse wheel enough to justify the cost.

    Either Norton has made the improvement or Hartville has ordered the correct wheel for HSS tools; I like the Norton 3X 46 grit wheel.

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    Thanks for the info and recommendation. For anyone looking for the wheels, I found them here.

    When you say you received a "club discount" is that your local club? Or is that a Family Woodworking discount?

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    Thank you Gordon. The info is good to know as I am wanting to get a 46 grit wheel. As was asked what club discount yours or FWW?
    Bernie W.

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    Mike & Bernie,

    Yes, #32841 was what I got.

    Hartville tools ( Hartville Tool ) has a club discount program with our local AAW chapter. Those members who wish to participate would be included in a list (with name and email address) that our Club provides to Hartville Tools. Every member in the list will get 20% discount at anytime. After certain period, our Club would also get 3% kick back. Now till end of May, they have free ground shipping for purchases over $75.

    Hartville has been very supportive of our Club. They provided us with a meeting place for free until we outgrew the place. Our experience with them have been excellent. Hartville promised that our member list would only be used for the discount program; they will never sell or rent the list out.

    I live between two Clubs. The other Club meets at the basement of Rockler. On meeting day, members get 15~25% discounts. There are lots of temptations. We are tool rich, pocket poor.

    I believe if you mention "Woodnet" on phone order with Hartville, you can get 15% discount.

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    I belong to woodnet and did get a 15% discount the last time I ordered from Hartville. Their service was excellent and I was happy to get my Stronghold at a good price.

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    I bought my last one from here:
    They provide a bit of info on the two grades.

    It sounds like Hartville has switched from the I to the K grade, which is good news. I'd rather give Hartville my business and they'll save me money, as well!


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