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Thread: Thanks Karl Laustrup

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    Thanks Karl Laustrup

    Tonight when I got home from work I found a package at my door that simply said Perishable..Open Immediately! I opened up the box and found a variety of cheeses and a Chezhead hat. There was no address from who it came from but only the place it was shipped from. Well I have 3 very good friends from Wisconsin and they all happen to be I decided it had to be a matter of eliminating the suspects. First call I put out was to Karl Laustrup, as it turns out he was the sender of these very much appreciated early Christmas presents.

    The timing is incredible since the job I am currently working at were teasing me today about being a Packer fan (they are all Lions fans ) and good naturedly calling me a it turns out Judy was planning on making spaghetti tonight fo I grated up some Romano, sliced up a few hunks of colby and dinner was served.

    Tomorrow I am wearing that Chezhead hat to should be good for a few laughs....
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    Great Gloat Steve. Karl is a nice guy.
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    Nice gloat Steve, but aw gee did you have to show a TRIMMED Christmas tree? I thought I was doing well just buying ours last weekend. Got to keep this post away from SWMBO.


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    good fer yu

    well steve i am sure it brought back memories from not long ago.. good folks and a very deserving recipient.. that hat fits just fine:0
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    Can I have a couple of pieces? We have a mouse in our house and I need to set a trap.

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