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Thread: Jointer fence question

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    Jointer fence question

    Here you can see my jointer/thicknesser. It is a small one but it works well enough for me specially because it is the only one I have and ever had.
    Attachment 19018
    The problem is that the tilting support of the fence broke due a poor design and flimsy material. (See pics)
    Attachment 19019Attachment 19023Attachment 19020Attachment 19021
    Curioulsy enough, the fence is attached to the infeed table and moves up and down with it, I do not know if this the usual way but in my ignorance it looks odd to me.

    Here goes my question:

    As the fence itself tends to flex rightway due to having only one point of attachment, I thought about drilling a couple of holes on the outfeed table and fix with screws a taller and thicker fence made out of a piece of oak that I have.
    Attachment 19022
    This would allow me to exert sideways pressure when jointing an edge at 90ļ without having that flex effect.

    Obviously I will loose the possibility of planning at a certain angle,but I can buy the replacement piece and have it handy, then
    remove the wooden fence and put back the original one.

    My concern is the fact of drilling those holes on the outfeed table, they are something definitive and I'm dubious about doing them.

    Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards,

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    Geez Toni, that is too bad, I'd get on the tool company for a replacement part.

    If you do make your own fence to keep things at 90 to the table, I'd drill and tap holes on the infeed side, and make a notch on the fence on the out feed side.

    I think you can see what I mean in this picture.............

    The infeed is the right side.

    Good luck!!
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    Hi Stu.

    Please disregard, my PM I didn't look at this post!
    Your pic shows it perfectly.

    Is there any specific reason for fixing the fence on the infeed table and not on the outfeed??

    My thinking is if it is the infeed the one that is moving downwards and the fence is fixed on the outfeed one, you do not need to make the notch, and the maximum thickness and hence resultant gap between the fence and the infeed table would be 3mm at a maximum, unless I'm making a taper on a leg's chair.

    As you see my experience with jointers is nil.
    Best regards,

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    I also dream of a shop with north light where my hands can be busy, my soul rest and my mind wander...

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    your combo machine has more than a passing resemblance to my inca.

    Attachment 19186Attachment 19187Attachment 19188

    As on Stu's, the fence on mine is attached to the infeed table. Thinking about how i use mine, i usually focus on making sure the stock is flat against the fence a couple of centimeters before the stock encounters the cutter head. The Inca fence is really sturdy, but if i were in your predicament, i might either order the new part and fill the hollow back side of the casting with epoxy to strengthen it, or i would make my own - probably with a combination of wood and metal parts. For a temporary fix, i'd likely clamp a block of wood or metal to the machine.

    If you want more close up photos of the inca fence, let me know and i'll shoot some this weekend.

    good luck and let us know what you wind up doing

    Paul Hubbman
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