Yep, literally, something I have only done once or twice in my life. Cooking to me is like seeing a snake...its not going to be pretty, its going to be violent and its going looked kind of messed up when I am done.

This weekend I had the house to myself. Alyson spent the night at her Grandfather's house (Patty's Dad) for the first time and she is downright tired. Patty had a girls night out, so she is beat. Both of them are sleeping, so I thought since I had a great weekend of snowmobiling and building lathes out of rotertillers I would cook supper for them.

Not sure how its going to turn out. I got to pre-heat the oven, starting with the fact that I have to use the oven, Scary!! Oh well, its for the two woman I love so its worth it even if the frozen pizza ends up being dog food mush.