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Thread: Time to stop lurking..Hi everyone!

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    Lived in Michigan until I retired in Mexico. Build furniture for use. If I need it I build it.

    Time to stop lurking..Hi everyone!

    Been lurking long enough. This is one fantistic board, almost afraid to join with all the talent I view on this board. I'm a retired truck driver (hauled cars for 32 years) but alway loved to work with wood. Never got the time to do much though. Then things happened, got a divorce, back went bad, retired and moved to Mexico. Met another lady here, (she only had seven nino's - busy girl). Until a month ago didnt have a router, bandsaw, the table saw was home built, but needed much furniture, so just built and put into use. Most of it came out pretty good. Wood is not popular down here, and rather expensive, not many woodworkers around. Ply comes from South America and is pretty cheap stuff. All of the projects I do are with pine, very good pine I think, seems much harder than what I worked with in Michigan, and usually planed to around 7/8 ". Just recently bought a cheap Roybi table saw and a nice router, belt sander, cir. saw. Wanting to get more accurate at things I make. check my website I'm on the second page in a green shirt helping one of the ninos sand a table, you'll also see my home made table saw and rough tools. Jerry

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    Welcome to the Family Gerald!

    While you may not have easy access to the tools or wood, it looks like you are enjoying yourself and making some nice stuff!

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    Hi Gerald, wellcome to the family. Saw your website, and some very nice stuff.

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    Welcome aboard, Gerald. 'Bout time you spoke up. Don't hesitate to jump into the mix whenever you feel like it.
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    Welcome aboard, Gerald.

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    Gerald, welcome to the Family
    A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. -Henry David Thoreau
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    Welcome to the family Gerald!

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    hi gerald!
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    Hi Gerald ,
    Nice to have you in here sharing. It is good for all!
    Don't sweat the small stuff, it is not your talents that make you welcome, it is your interest in the wood. Nice photos, thanks!
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Welcome Gerald.
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