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Thread: Side shelf for my smoker

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    Side shelf for my smoker

    Well, outside of working on the house, I haven't gotten to do much wood or metal working lately. Saturday I finally got out to the garage and did some... wasn't much...but something.

    I recently got a new pellet smoker and while cooking up some grub, did some measuring.

    It clips on the side where there were some existing slots. The manufacturer sells a shelf, but didn't like the wire top, wanted something more solid.

    The frame is made from 16 gauge plate and 3/4" square tubing welded up. The top is made from 1/2" popular. I did a slight radius on the edges of each board and added some cross supports underneath, then bolted it on using stainless screws. Stained it with some dark walnut.

    The manufacturer also sells panels for the base unit to close it in, but thinking about making those as well to add enclosed storage below.
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