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Thread: Rose Bowl

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    Rose Bowl

    This is my first attempt at carving. The bowl is from a glued-up blank of 4/4 soft Maple. Since the wood was sorta plain, I decided to stain it...bad decision. It was all blotchy and ugly...even with shellac sealcoat applied first.

    So, I then decided to paint it with what I had on hand. After the paint dried I put a coat of lacquer over everything to seal it in.

    The bowl is 8" x 5".
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    Interesting piece Cody! Form of the box looks really nice as does your carving of a rose. A suggestion - if I may - would be to add a little of your stain on top of the rose and then wipe it off. It would leave a little dark color in the recesses - sort of a antique look - and would bring out the detail in your rose.

    I have to say this is pretty nice work for your first carving! Keep it up!

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    Very nice carving, Cody, especially for the 1st effort. If it was blotchy and ugly at first I'll have to take your word for it; it looks great now. Nicely done!

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    Cody, your first attempt at carving is better than what I would have done. The form on the bowl and lid also looks very nice. I like Steve's suggestion about "antiquing" the rose a bit, but overall, I think you did a great job, especially for a first.
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    If I remember my first attempt to carving, it wasn't half as good as that! So you've skipped quite a lot of time and learning curve in on go

    The lid and the rose are a single piece of wood or you carved the rose apart and then attached it to the lid??
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    Very nice Cody, and that for the first time!!
    I think I have to try this in the future.

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    Carving is something I've not really tried yet. I have some chisels but haven't yet had your courage to attack a piece of wood with them.
    I like Steve's idea to bring out the highlights in the rose, maybe the light but the details are a bit lost with the bright colouring. The bowl looks really good.


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    Thanks for the kind words, y'all. I was afraid the piece was so ugly that no one would comment at all.

    Steve, I actually considered using the little artist's brush that I had and putting some of that black paint in the carving grooves but chickened out. I have some gel stain and I may try that, instead and do as you suggested.

    I've decided that a rose is pretty tough carving. I think next time I'll try some leaves, vines and a simpler flower.

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    Nice carving! I actually like the stain. I'm betting it develops a nice patina as it ages.
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