It's election time, folks, and the polls have just opened. (I know, I'm a few minutes ahead of the game Left Coast time, but for the majority it's already Tuesday.) The poll will remain open for seven days.

If you are a previously-registered voter, go to the Voting Booth forum and cast your votes. Up for your consideration is the selection of new Moderators, as well as two other Referendums regarding the Forum Constitution and the Forum Rules and Code of Conduct.

If you are not already registered to vote, sorry, but you'll have to wait until the next election in October. See this thread for more information and discussion about voter registration.

Your participation in the forum elections is important, since it helps to shape the forum's direction and future. One of the original intents when FamilyWoodworking was formed was that it be run by the members, and elections like this are one way to ensure this continues to happen.

Thanks -

The FamilyWoodworking Staff