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Thread: Starting Them Out Young.....

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    Starting Them Out Young.....

    Certainly Zach has a lot to learn, but he certainly has a jump on all of us guys if he keeps at it........

    Zach Turning a Bowl << YouTube Video

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    What can I say without spoiling it for everyone else.

    Certainly has a more controlled attitude than me!!!!!!


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    That is pretty cool...thanks Stu. Just think what we could be doing on the lathe now if we started that young...
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    He will make it Stuart, anyway he's not afraid this young fellow.
    My grandson Stefan love that too, he's 7 years old and like it to do spindle turning, so I see him very often after schooltime in my shop, it's great to teach him.

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    Thanks for sharing Stu. He definitely is not afraid to get in there and dig it out.
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