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Thread: Speaking of grandkids

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    Speaking of grandkids

    Our 11th was born yesterday afternoon at 2:54. Her name is Alexianna Marie (we call her Lexi) and she was 8 lbs 10 ozs, 20.5" long (two weeks overdue). Mom and baby are doing just fine. Haven't seen her except via this quick phone photo since she is in NC, but we'll see her soon enough.
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    Billy B.

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    Less than a day old and she's already got a nickname. Congrats to you and the rest of the family, Billy.
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    looks like grandma for sher,, so ya lookin at road trip soon i bet... congrats bill
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    That's great, congratulations to all involved. 11th? I couldn't afford the gifts and visiting for that many. BTW, ain't technology great? When our first two (twins) were born, they were in Alaska and my son had previously sent me a computer-cam. We were still on dial-up so picture transmission was real slow but I got to see those little suckers right after they were born. Say 'Hi' to Lexi for us.

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    Congratulations Bill

    Now, you should start thinking on a wood project for this little one,
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    Congratulations Billy! That's a beautiful granddaughter you have there.

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