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Thread: Hold your nose so you don'y SNEEZE!

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    Hold your nose so you don'y SNEEZE!

    LOML saw a Pepper Grinder I did for the store, to show people what they look like. Well, she said I should make some to sell!

    Long story shortened. I turned two.

    #1 is Mahogany on Mahogany (Malaysian / I don't know for sure)

    #2 in Walnut over Paduk. ( didn't have anything to really show off the Paduk)

    Comments & critiques are always welcome.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pepper Mills X 2.jpg  

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    Looking good bruce and BTW, welcome to FWW. I look forward to seeing your posts.
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    Hey Bruce those are mighty fine pieces. Like the wood combo's. Nice job.
    Bernie W.

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