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    Peebompson Tools

    Just spent an hour with my new 1/2" and 5/8" Thompson V Gouges mated with beautiful Dave Peebles' handles. I'm in love.

    The gouges are sweet, the grind is perfect "out of the box" for me and the handles look really spiffy with them. The weight of the handle is right between a Glaser and wood, again perfect for me.

    Working with some 3-year old holly that is about 2 days away from being too rotten to turn, but the spalting makes me gotta try! There will maybe pics of finished vessels in a couple weeks during my semester break.

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    Congrats, David. Welcome to Club Thompson. Best gouges I've used. I haven't seen and of Dave's handles. Do you have a link or a picture?
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    Congrats David on the new tools. I was going to ask the same question about a web address.
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    You can find the handle here:

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    I was wondering what the heck a "Peebompson" tool was

    Yeah pictures we want pictures

    Quality tools are a pleasure to use each time you pick them up, kind of a pay back for the higher price
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    Dave's website does not list a 5/8" bore handle, but he does make them.

    Dave is an expert turner and a super nice guy. Doug is displaying his handles at shows.

    Stuart, I figured out how to post pics, look at my original post.

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    Those handles look real nice, David. I hadn't seen them before. (I'm got a couple of Monster handles from Randy Privett.)

    BTW, is that's Bill's old Poolewood underneath your new gouge?
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    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Hi Vaughn,

    No that is not Bill's old Poolewood, but he is largely responsible for it! I started turning in late 1999 with the encouragement of Bill's posts on Badger Pond and a lesson from Dave Smith at a NC Pond get together in 1999. My first lathe was an old Delta Rockwell that I had to chase around the shop. Later that year I got some more instruction from Dave at his shop (I used to travel a lot!).

    In Oct. 2000 I was in PA for work and spent a day with Bill on his Poolewood. It was like a huge light went on! I soon graduated to a VS Conover lathe, a beautiful machine but it was not a Poolewood. In the Summer of 2001 I went back to PA to and took a course with Ellsworth. Turned on one of his Poolewood's for 3 days, but still held out until I picked mine up from him on Easter weekend 2002! Bill had a get-together in conjunction and we caravaned to David's to pick it up. It was a great weekend.

    It is a beauty of a lathe. My only regret is that they are not made now, so if I have problems... well I'll just figure that out when the time comes.

    It has been very neglected the past couple of years, as I have been a bit busy with grad school, (Family/Cardiology Nurse Practitioner@Duke). I'm trying to spend some time in the shop and get back into turning.


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