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Thread: Cutting small &narrow pieces on table saw

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    Cutting small &narrow pieces on table saw

    Good day

    I had to rip a few small pieces for some router table aid/fixture and I would like to share with you the method.

    I'm using an Auxiliary fence clamped to the rip, when I'm saying Aux fence.... give me some good width say, 4"~6" don't like to "drive" in congested areas, do you...

    Before clamping the Aux fence, give it a pass through the blade just to make sure that its parallel and consistent in width.

    The sled is made of 5/16" (8mm) "Floor panel" but of course, you can use plywood or MDF.
    It's very easy to make it, just a runner glued/screwed under the don't need a fence but you can add one and use the sled as "multi purpose" I do...

    As you will see, I'm holding both hands on the trowel and that, doesn't leave too many hands or fingers to be used as a "Backer board" for the workpiece...saves a lot of money...(no need SS )...


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    Wow. Very impressive.

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