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Thread: Pen Drilling Ideas

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    Pen Drilling Ideas

    Ok so I dont wanna buy a pen drilling jig, those things run about fifty bucks, but after trying to drill them myself and ruining several nice pen blanks I need some help, what do you guys suggest when trying to drill the pen blank for the insertion of the brass tube!

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    If you're using a drill press you could just put the blank in a handscrew like the ones shown here:

    Just be sure the blank is plumb to the drill bit and you should be good to go.
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    I just hold mine in a hand clamp.
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    I just use a cheap little drill press vise similar to this one:

    I put a thin piece of wood underneath the bottom end of the blank so I'm not drilling into the gap in the middle or the cast iron vise on either also helps prevent blowout. I don't usually anchor the vise - I just position it by eye and hold it by hand. I do use a drill press. I don't think I'm good enough with a hand-held drill to do it without a press.
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    I drill on the lathe using a scroll chuck to hold the blank and a drill chuck in the tailstock.

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    I use either of these, both are simple and work fine. the one on the right I built from watching Bill Baumbeck's Basic Pen Turning video.

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    I had one from Rockler that was about $12 and made to attach to their drill press fence. Since I didn't have the table and fence at the time I used a pocket hole setup and screwed it down to a piece of 3/4 plywood.

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    Here is what I did..........

    >> Pen Drilling Vice <<

    ....I've made a lot of pens and this thing just works great, quick and easy too!

    While I'm at it, look at my >> Pen Press << too

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    I use the same thing as Vaughn. I use a machinist square to make sure it is straight up and down. Works great.
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    Pen drilling ideas

    does any one have the Rockler pendrill/press combo that sells for $90.00?

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