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Thread: My First TWO Bowls

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    My First TWO Bowls

    Well here are pics of my first two bowls. Some of you may have already seen the first one which is Elm from my backyard. I finished that one with the salad bowl finish and have already had a few bowls of cereal from it

    The second one is Bloodwood. That stuff sure was tough and I don't think I'll be working with it again anytime soon, or at least until I get some more experience . But the shape did turn out almost exactly how I wanted it. The only thing I would have liked differently is for it to be a bit deeper, but to get where it is now my hands were in there quite a bit and already pushing my comfort level So again, maybe with some more experience I'll be brave enough one day to put it back on the lathe and cut it down a bit deeper. There ended up being a lot of surface cracks in this one (I believe from me creating heat from sanding) but I've come to like the look on it (might not be able to see em in the pics). It also had a cool yellow colored area in it. I finished it with some EEE Cream and then woodturner's finish. Hope you like!

    Any comments welcome!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bowl4.JPG   Bowl5.JPG   Bloodwood4.JPG   Bloodwood5.JPG   Bloodwood6.JPG  


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    Westley those are a couple of pretty bowls. I really like the elm grain pattern. I also turn a lot of elm since that is a staple here on the plains. Bloodwood looks great. Well done for your first two. Make sure you keep them so a couple of years from now you can compare. You will be amazed.
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    Those are both very nice bowls!!

    I gotta' say though ... I really do like the grain of the first one. I think that the swirling grain of Elm adds an extra accent to almost any design.

    cheers eh?

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    Very nice work on those bowls.
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    Westley, you did a great job on both, l like the grain on the elm, and your bloodwood bowl have a surprising shape, very smooth, my hat off for you!!


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    Nice work! Wes. Your confidence level must have gone way up after making those two.

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    Nice job on both bowls, Westley. The bloodwood sure is pretty stuff. You were wise to pay attention to your comfort level, and to not push it too hard. Blowing up a bowl or breaking a gouge or tool rest is never fun, but if you do it on the first or second bowls, it can be particularly discouraging. I've learned that most of the time that little voice in my head says something is not a good idea, the little voice is usually right. (Just like when the little voice says go get a's usually right.)

    If you're like most of us, every time you turn you'll learn a little more. Sometimes you'll learn it the easy way, sometimes the hard way, but it's all educational.
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    Great job Westley!

    That Elm is sure nice, love the grain on it.

    The stuff I seem to get the most of here is Keyaki, which is in the Elm family, often called Zelkova, or Chinese Elm, it too has the wonderful grain, but it dries ROCK HARD and is "fun" to finish turn, but it is pretty, much like your Elm bowl.

    Keep at it, and it is a good idea to keep the comfort level in mind!

    Sign and date them both!

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    Very nice job. I to like the grain in the first one. You are very close to the edge. Be careful or you will be in the vortex.

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    2 nice pieces there. Lovely wood. What is bloodwood? looks like Padua or is that something different?

    You may well find that as you practice you will get deeper and thinner and then one day BANG!!!!

    Look on the galleries on the net and you'd be surprised that a lot of the show pieces are thick and often shallow,, just different ideas of design. Just keep turning and stay safe.


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