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Thread: more turnings

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    more turnings

    i haven't posted pics for a while because it's such a pain for me to get the lighting right. i've spent several hours up and down the stairs to look at results on the pc that i can't really see well in the camera. even with that these are not great pictures...sorry about shadows, color changes,etc.

    this lidded box was my first attempt at a finial. i made four finials before i accepted this one and now it looks like the ball on top is too large. the problem was i didn't have ebony so i was trying to substitute clear poplar. it just fuzzed up too much no matter what i did. the finial i accepted is hard maple, dyed with alcohol based ink (no grain raising). the body is tulip poplar that looked and turned punky. i flooded it with thin superglue and rubbed the sawdust in the voids. and the lid is walnut.
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    the second piece is a potpourri bowl from padauk. i wanted to see if i could get anything from an 8/4 board.. i bought three long ones when a woodshop was going out of business. can't remember what i paid but not a lot. so i'm limited in dia and height. i do love the look of padauk but i believe it turns more brown with exposure based on the look of the surface of this board when i pulled it out of the rack. very large pores like walnut..
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    Both pieces are beautiful.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Ball on the top would not be my choice but for your first try I think it came out pretty good.

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    Clark don't know what to tell you but both those pieces are beauties. Your finial is fine. I think the proportions look fine. Well done on both counts Clark.
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    Clark, both pieces are looking great, as well as the finial, seems to me perfect.
    Did you make the cover of the potpourri bowl by yourself, or is it a bought cover.
    Well running up and down the stairs to look to the pictures you took, that happened to me all the time, never satisfied with the result.

    Keep up your good work.


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    Wow on all counts, Clark. I hope my tenth finial is as nice as your first (er...fourth). The padauk piece is also very nice. I've done some flatwork with padauk, and I had orange sawdust all over my shop for months. I have a box I made out of it a couple years ago, and it's turned from an orangeish tone to a deep, rich red color with brown undertones.
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    I like both of those pieces very much, Clark!
    I would be very happy if I could do as well as either of them.

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    ad, the potpourri top was purchased from craft supplies:
    evidently they're sold out now so i'm glad i ordered four when i did. all the women in my family use potpourri including two granddaughters so it won't be a problem finding homes.
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