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Thread: A beginner's turnings

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    A beginner's turnings

    Here are a few turnings that I have done so far. Nothing fancy, but have to start some where.

    Picture1: from right to left, early attempt at a spindle. Then a mini baseball bat, then (most recently) an attempt at a finial.

    Picture2: The mini baseball bat, from a piece of pine 2x4

    Picture3: The finial and the part of the cut off of blank done on the new bandsaw. Done using a pine 4x4. This was also the first time i used the face plate on the lathe.

    Picture4: you can see how my first finial kept getting smaller and smaller, in comparison to the size of the blank that I started with. The original length of the blank was about 6 1/2in.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Turnings01.jpg   Turnings02.jpg   Turnings03.jpg   Turnings04.jpg  
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    Sean...Nice first turnings!

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    Looks good Sean! Keep turning - it does get easier with doing! Be safe and have fun!

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    Way to go Sean. Great first turnings. Keep practicing and keep'em coming.
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    Whatcha mean, "Finial", Sean? That's a really nice Trailer hitch Ball, (when you get the threads cut on it).

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    Good start, new guy. Pine 2x4s are a real pain to turn, because it's not easy getting a clean cut. On the other hand, that's the first thing lot of folks turn, because that's what they have in the scrap bin. Ya done good. From the looks of the pics, you nailed the sphere shape.

    By the way, around here, you're not officially a woodturner until you make a bonker. And I'd say once you trim up the ends of the mini-bat, that will qualify as an excellent first bonker.
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