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Thread: Diamond Wheels for Your Grinder.........??

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    Diamond Wheels for Your Grinder.........??

    I saw a video of Andre Martel using his "Hook Tool" that inspired me to contact him, and ask about pricing etc, as it sure looks like a great way to do some end-grain hollowing. While on his >> Website << I noticed his other offerings, the one that has really piqued my interest is the "Diamond Grinding Wheels" that he sells........

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    ... I've fired off an e-mail to him, asking a bunch of questions, but the idea that an aluminum cored wheel, coated with quality diamond is very interesting.

    The works surface is 1 1/2" and they come in 6" and 8" diameter. They are NOT cheap, going from $135 to $220 depending on the core (plastic is also offered) grit and size, but if you think about it, if they last 3 or 4 times longer than a normal grinding wheel (excepting Frank Fusco's 80 year old wheel ) then they would come to make sense. Also the fact that you would not need to flatten the wheels, or deal with the dusty mess that comes with that, I'm very keen to see what Andre has to say about this subject.

    Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of wheels?

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    I could will one of those to my great-great-great grandchildren.

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    I had the chance to meet Andre Martel last year at TOT. He had his diamond wheels there and I can say they looked extremely well made.

    During his demo he had streams of wood coming off a blank he was turning. These streams where 3/4" wide, 3/16" to 1/4" thick and I'll bet 12' to 16' long.

    Around the lathe there was a stand to hold overhead lights and cameras. within minutes there where so many ribbons of wood on this stand that it created a curtain and we couldn't see him anymore. Really funny.

    BTW, he turns in open toed sandals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Sardo View Post

    I had the chance to meet Andre Martel last year at TOT.
    BTW, he turns in open toed sandals.
    During the hot days of summer, I've been known to turn bare-footed..
    'course here in the mountains, we tend to be bare-foot anyway
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