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Thread: MDF and correct screw type

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    MDF and correct screw type

    I'll be working with 1/2 inch MDF. Is there a particular screw type to be used with MDF or will ordinary wood screws do?

    Thanks. DKT

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    I have always used regular wood screws - the newer type with a bugle head and straight shank, not the older type with the round/flat head and a tapered shank - with good results. Just remember not to screw closer than 1" or so to the edges and drill a pilot hole.

    There is a special type of screw for particle board/MDF. It is called a confirmat screw. McFeely's carries them. Here is a link to a tech article on McFeelys about them:

    Hope that this helps.


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    Jim is discribing Drywall screws not Regular Wood Screws. (Pet peeve of mine)

    Actually the final statement is best advice, Use screws intended for MDF and have less problems, but for a quick task, You can follow simple guidelines, Always use proper Pilot holes. If you are screwing into the edge or end of MDF, I like to clamp either side of the piece so that the screw will not split but will cut it's threads. Use a finer thread Drywall screwas they are less agressive and will more than likely cut threads than the coarse threaded Grabbers...

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    Not wanting to screw up my screw nomenclature, are deck screws a type of wood screw, a type of drywall screw or their own beast?

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    i use #8 bugleheaded coarse thread woodscrews and for all screw connections i drill clearance and pilot holes and then countersink.
    never use the screw without a proper sized pilot hole in sheetgoods, there`s a good chance of ruining the piece if you do.
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    And I don't think I would even consider sinking any screw into the edge of the 1/2" MDF mentioned.

    I've had great success using regular drywall screws in mdf by drilling a pilot hole, sinking the screw, then withdrawing it and dripping a couple drops of thin CA glue into the hole and quickly resinking the screw. If you wait a second or two after the screw hits bottom, then break it loose by giving it a partial turn in the outward direction, the CA makes some pretty good re-useable threads in the holes for removing and replacing screws in situations where that might be warranted.

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