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Thread: Creating A Three-Cornered Miter

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    Creating A Three-Cornered Miter

    My son asked me to make him a display case for one of his soccer balls. He wants it to be a five-sided, glass cube, with a base to sit on. I've seen examples of how people bring three sticks together at a corner, like the attachment below, but I can't for the life of me remember how it's done.

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

    - Keith
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    I think wood magazine has a article on how to make it. If I remember I will look when I am down in the shop.

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    Four sided is easy. Cut a 45 on the end of each piece, then roll each peice 90 on the saw's table and cut another 45. This gives you three pointed sticks. Assemble carefully, and you've got it.

    I'm not sure how it'd be done for a pentagon, but I think you'd cut one angle on two peices at 36, and the other angle at 45. The third (bottom) piece would be two 45 cuts.
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    When in doubt, draw it out, (to scale) and measure the angles.

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    IIRC Rick Chistopherson (sp?) on the FOG site is very good at this sort of maths - and explaining it.
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    Do you mean like this?

    I have a short write-up on my blog. It will require some patience, but if I can do it, you will too! Take your time, and sneak up on the final fit.

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