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Thread: Outdoor protection for (milk?) paint

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    Outdoor protection for (milk?) paint

    I have a birdhouse project planned as a mother's day present for my wife. I plane to turn a spindle post and put a simple bird house on top. My 10 YO daughter will paint it (post and house).
    The pallet available in milk paints would work very well.
    Would it make sense to buy milk paint and put some form of water-based UV inhibitor poly on it, or should I buy regular house paint.
    My daughter will grow impatient if 2-3 coats of paint are required, so coverage is also a consideration (though I can put on the extra coat(s)).
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    I contacted General Finishes and received the below response:
    (450 refers to General Finishes Exterior 450 which has UV inhibitors)

    Kurt -
    The Milk Paint is fine on its own outside or if you want a semi gloss or gloss sheen you can apply the 450 over the Milk Paint - They are made with the same resin so they work good together.

    Sheryl Monahan
    General Finishes
    2462 Corporate Circle
    East Troy, WI. 53120

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