Yep Vaughn would have been proud of me. At 34 years old I finally went and saw my first rock concert. I am pretty cheap so I always considered spending money on seeing someone play kind of foolish when you could hear the same music on the radio for free. I guess I was wrong.

We had to travel down to Manchester, NH last night, a trip of 4 hours one way, but it was worth it. Styx, R E O Speedwagon and Def Leppard were playing and put on a pretty good show. I am a die hard Styx fan anyway so I might be biased, but I think they put on the best show. One of the guys in the original band is sick now and only plays on days when he is felling good, and last night was one of them.That was cool to see. They played pretty good with determination and zest and their drummer is phenomenal...never realized that before!!

REO Speedwagon were great as well, though they are aging I must say. They also have more mellow music then the other two so I think it made it seem kind of slowing down the tempo when its just their style of music.

Def Leppard??? I don't know. They had the laser light show thing going, and the video thing going and a lot longer performance being the Main act, but I thought something was missing. Their singing was just kind of off I thought. Of course that is the wife's band so she won't agree. Still it was worth going to I guess. As often as the wife and I scrap, its surprising there was three bands that we both could enjoy