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    I am new to the forum. I am a member of Wood Magazine forum and heard about this forum from Travis Johnson. Travis, thanks for the information.

    I know Steve Ash - our wives used to work together in Manistique a score of years ago.

    Most of what I have learned was from magazines and forums. I really appreciate the information on the forums and try to share my experiences as everyone else does.

    I live near of Manistique in Michigans beautiful UP (Upper Penninsula). I have a 20 x 28 shop made pole building style that I started in 1999. I am mainly into building cabinets and, since my middle daughter is an artist, I make may frames for paintings, sketches, etc. My equipment includes a Clearvue 1800 cyclone, a Grizzly GS1023 cabinet saw, Jet 6" jointer, Makita planer, Bosch SCMS, a router table with a 3 1/4 horse router. I added on to the shop - 20 x 24 - for cold storage (for my boat after I bought a tractor) so I now have a place for my lumber and sheet goods. It sure helped clear out the shop so I have more assembly space. This also allowed me to rearrange the floor layout of the shop so the work flows better.

    My family is into logging and I have 20 acres of hardwood. I had it thinned a few years ago. I installed an outdoor wood boiler so I can cut and burn the trees that will only be good for pulpwood. For the wood that is not going to be a log, it is worth more to me as a source of heat than selling for pulpwood. I heat both my shop and my house with the boiler.

    My day job is Engineering Manager (ie Plant Engineer) at Manistique Papers, Inc. I am a mechanical engineer (Michigan Tech 1984) and have a PE license.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone on the forum.
    Rich (the Yooper)

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    Welcome to the forum Rich, thanks Travis for pointing Rich this direction. Looking forward to hearing and seeing some of what you do in that shop.
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    Hey Rich!

    Glad you found your way over careful telling this group you know me, they might get the idea you hang out with lowlifes or sumpthin.

    Sure do miss the U.P. and especially my old stompin grounds of Manistique. Judy and I might have to look you and Beth up next trip up there, It has been a while since I've seen you guys.

    Judy says to tell you guys Hi.

    Look forward to seeing your posts!
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    Welcome to the Family Rich!

    When you get a chance, we'd all love to see a few pics of your shop etc.

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    Welcome Rich, glad to have you here.
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    Welcome to the Family, Rich. Pull up a chair and pour a cup of coffee and join the party. We like pictures, so time to post some of your shop, please?

    Nancy Laird
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    Welcome Rich! We've "talked" a little at the CV forum. Good to have you here with the Family! Jim.
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    Welcome aboard Rich, Hope you meet old friends here and that you make new ones .
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    Welcome to the family Rich!

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    Any friend of Steve & Travis has to be one to have in the Family. Welcome!

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