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Thread: Sharpening Systems

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    Sharpening Systems

    Im sure this has been covered before here, so any links would be fine, but I am looking into a sharpening system. I have looked at the PSI one, does anyone have this one? I just like that it is similar to the Wolverine, but much cheaper. Or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks,

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    Mike, I have it and like it. I suspect the Wolverine is a bit more robust, but I've had no complaints about the PSI jig. It does the job, and like you said, it costs quite a bit less to perform the same function. Other guys have made similar jigs out of wood or metal with good success, but I wanted to spend my time turning, not making jigs.
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    A jig would save you time and money on tool steel. It is almost free - the tool steel you save would pay for it. I have the Wolverine and Varigrind. I have seen posts that people returning the PSI and replacing with Wolverine.

    You can get the Wolverine at Hartville tool with 20% off if your club belongs to the discount program. Or if you mention "woodnet" when ordering, you will get 15% discount. With $75 purchase, the shipping is free.

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    I have the Woodcraft slow speed grinder with the wolverine jig. Not a dimes worth of problems and makes sharpening extremely easy which when turning easy is good.
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    I have it and use it with my Woodcraft slow speed grinder. I've compared it to the Wolverine and Vaughn is right. The Wolverine is a bit more robust, but I can't tell the difference in the way they work. I get good repeatable results with mine.
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