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Thread: I have a new website!

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    I have a new website!

    Boys and girls

    I have a new website. I enjoy writing articles on woodworking - joinery techniques, tools building, etc - and hope that some of these will become helpful references for you. No commercial affiliations, although I do sometimes get to provide feedback on Veritas tools to the company. This is unpaid. I am fortunate that toolmakers approach me to write reviews of their handtools trusting me to do a fair job. These are included in the website.

    The website is in its early stages, but otherwise it is functional. Note that links to the old address (on wkfinetools) no longer work.

    The new address is:

    There are already a couple of new articles, and a few more on the way. I hope you enjoy the site and use it as a reference. All feedback is welcomed to improve matters.

    Have a read of Setting Up and Using a Shooting Board and Brace Entry for Wood Central Tool Competition 2008

    Regards from Perth


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    Welcome to the family Derek!

    I look forward to reading your articles.

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    Looks great Derek!
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    Hey Derek! Glad you found our little corner of the web! I have always enjoyed reading your reviews.

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    Very nice web site. I like your collection of handmade tools.

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