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Thread: da Yooper's Shop

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    da Yooper's Shop

    I finally got around to taking pictures of my shop. The shop is 20 x 52. 20 x 28 is heated and insulated. The remaining 20 x 24 is for cold storage. This is where I can store purchased lumber and dry lumber that I have had cut off my property. See Shop Picture

    The next pictuer shows the area I have been concentrating on organizing. It is nearly complete. Once I put the addition on the fall of 2006, I put all of my lumber in the unheated addition, except for what I plan to use in 3 weeks time.

    You can see the Clearvue and ductwork. This has been an ongoing project since August 2007. It is nearly complete. I have to install dust collection for my compound miter saw and I want to make a down draft table for sanding.

    The next picture shows my miter saw station, built similar to the one in Wood magazine. I modified it to fit the space and the saw (Bosch 3915). I also use the bench for pocket hole drilling, biscuit jointing and some assembly until I build my assembly table.

    The tablesaw and plywood picture my Grizzly G1023S with the sliding cut off table. I am going to try removing the cut off table and trying sleds instead. It seems to be in the way and I find I have to move the cut off fence on the back to rip other boards. Then I have to square it back up. With a good sled or two, I may save time.

    I built the overhead blade guard. I really like it. This shot also shows the reducer/wye combination pieces that I made so I could go from 6" to 5" for the cabinet and 4" take off for the blade guard dust collection. I forgot to take a picture inside the cabinet saw. It is nearly empty of dust. Amazing.

    You can also see the plywood storage rack. I am not so crazy about it. With 8 ft ceilings, I have fun getting it in and out of the rack. I am thinking about making a storage cart and keeping the plywood out in the cold storage. I can bring it in as I need it. Also, when I get a saw guide system, I wont have to bring big sheets in this area. I can cut them in the cold storage area and bring them in.

    The cold storage area is behind the double doors. This was where my garage door used to be.

    The next picture shows my router table and jointer. I need to make a cabinet under the router table yet. I got the plans when I purchased the router table from MLCS, but I havent had a chance to build it yet. It also shows my clamp storage. I need more clamps - my wife thinks I am nuts (probably true, but I still need more clamps).

    The planer picture shows my Makita 2012NB planer. I used a furnace floor vent adaptor to make a dust collection hood for the 6" ducting when I hooked it up to the clearvue. It is noiser due to the large volume of air being pulled past the blades. The noise goes away when I shut the blast gate.

    The cylcone picture shows my latest tool project - the Clearvue cyclone. I had to rais my ceiling in this area. I used to have a garage door to the right and the ceiling was already raised. I just had to copy what I did in that area. I still have to put something on the ceiling of this area - it is just insulation for now.

    The next picture shows the cabinet that I am building to store all of my small power tools. I am presently working on raised panel doors to finish it off. I have plans to build small organizational storage compartments in it as I go. Dont look at the color of the blinds - I have all girls - the blinds were replaced in the house and beggers cant be choosy.

    Next Picture -
    Ok, now this area needs organizing. My plan is to make normal height bottom cabinets with a work bench type top to the corner. Then to the right, I want to make a mobile bench and that will be it's storage area. This is the next area I plan to attack. with organization. That goofy flimsy table will be gone.

    This is another shot of my miter saw station. I also have built a screw/nail storage cabinet. You can see the wood storage under the miter saw station. Works great for the boards I need for the next month or so. I just need to stay ahead on the wood brought in.

    Cold Storage - even in the summer. This picture was taken looking out the double doors of the heated part into the cold storage area. This is lumber storage... also it has my brush hog and boat.

    The things that I would do differently:

    1. I would build normal walls and foundation, not pole building style. I would have metal walls and still have the same style roof - metal with trusses on 4 ft centers.
    2. The ceilings would be 10 ft high.
    3. In-floor heat - it wasnt thought of when I put it up, at least it wasnt in my neck of the woods. I started building in 1993. Once the houes was complete, I continued on the shop - that was 1999.
    4. I would have built it 28 ft wide instead of 20 ft. The width would help the tool arrangement.
    5. The ceiling would probably be drywall, but the walls would have been tongue and groove pine. At the time, drywall was expensive - $10 per 4 x 8 sheet.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Shop.jpg   DSCF1273 - 1.jpg   Miter Saw Station.jpg   Table Saw & Plywood Storage.jpg   Jointer and Router Table.jpg  

    Planer.jpg   Cyclone.jpg   Small Tools Cabinet.jpg   This area needs organizing.jpg   Cold Storage.jpg  

    Rich (the Yooper)

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    Nice shop Rich. It looks warm & cozy on the inside, not so on the outside!
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    Looks good from down here in the Land of the Trolls.
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    Nice shop Rich, there are many of us here who would like such space for our shops you are one lucky guy.
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    "heated and insulated..." he says...
    Mmm, looks cozy to me, especially with snow on the outside. Nice play space!

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    I hear you on "Thing you would have done differently" but still, you have a lot to work with there

    How do you like that Makita planer? I've got it's older cousin and I really like mine!

    Keeping your sheet goods out in the cold storage and using a guided circular saw to cut them down out there, is a great idea, it will free up space for sure!

    Thanks for the tour!
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    Nice tour, Rich. You've got a good set-up there. I'm envious of all your space.
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    Nice shop, Rich.

    I have the same tablesaw with the sliding table. Only mine is in an 8 foot wide cargo trailer. I remove the stop screw on the top tube at the far end and simply roll the sliding table off to keep it out of the way. I have had no problems with re-alignment when I need to use it.

    I do remove the fence. It take a moment to reset that to 90 but I have a 12" drafting triangle that I use to set it perpendicular to the blade. 2 minutes tops.

    Guess I ought to get busy and post pictures of my shop(s).

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    Hey dere Rich, dar's one fine lookin yooper shop in da nort woods.....

    Thanks for taking the time to post pics and tell us about your shop. Being familiar with your area..... where do you get your tools from? I remember there was a store in Green Bay that had a good selection.

    Sometime when we get up there, I'll be knockin on your door for a personal tour.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Ash View Post
    Hey dere Rich, dar's one fine lookin yooper shop in da nort woods.....

    Thanks for taking the time to post pics and tell us about your shop. Being familiar with your area..... where do you get your tools from? I remember there was a store in Green Bay that had a good selection.

    Sometime when we get up there, I'll be knockin on your door for a personal tour.
    ya he got net shop der fer sur, and ya ned to take malong fer da drive steveO we both got blood frum dar area,, nice setup there and you will have more changes the more you use it...thanks for in trol land but have yooper heart and soul!
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