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Thread: Router jig..very primative

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    Lived in Michigan until I retired in Mexico. Build furniture for use. If I need it I build it.

    Router jig..very primative

    In Mexico fine furniture is not too popular. Six months of hot and dry, then six months of rainy season (rains mostly at night). I know of people that had their furniture shipped down from the US and where surprised at the movement of the wood in a short time. The people around here are simple hard working people and useful stuff is what they prefer. In need of making many tenons I came up with this jig and it seems to work great. Pretty primative on the building, didnt know if it would work so didnt build too elegant, have to build another one. The clamps are a little overbuild, couldn't find any T-nuts, so I embedded some wing nuts in the handle part. This design I'm sure is not original. Also trying to teach a couple of lads a few basic skills on wood, they work in the fields for about $12 a day, a skill would come in handy for them later. The pics pretty much tell it all, check it out and give me some suggestions when I build the next one.
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    Thats a pretty impressive design and one I would have never thought of. I like it!

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    Gerald, that might be a bit primitive, but the results are not!

    I too often build the first version of a jig rather crudely, never know if it will work well or not, so why invest a lot of time and expense in it?

    Should serve you well, until you make ver 2.0
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    Very neat. I build my jigs rough in V1.0 then I build V2.0 just as rough because I know that as soon as I have finished building it I will think of a V2.1 modification to it. Better results in less time is the essence of what a jig is about - looks like you nailed it.

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    Looks GOOD to me, Gerald. I just love it when someone comes up with a new twist on jig building, and like Ian said, "You Nailed It". The nice thing is that you can load different thicknesses of wood, but the tenons all come out the same thickness, AND all the pieces still have one shoulder that is the same width in reference to the face side. I also like the fact that loading up several pieces at once and then making one long cut should be faster than using a lot of other jigs where you only load one piece then cut it, then unload it, then load another piece...........etc. Good thinking, and thanks for posting it.

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    Lived in Michigan until I retired in Mexico. Build furniture for use. If I need it I build it.
    Normans reply made me think a little, when he mentioned different size stock. I originally intended to use similiar sizes, but with different sizes, it might be better to make the first cut down the left side (which should be the face side against the guide). Then any clean up on the shoulders would be on the back side.

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