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Thread: Storage Ideas for a Snowblower?

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    Question Storage Ideas for a Snowblower?

    I am wondering if anyone has figured out a good way to store a snowblower. I have an Orange Ariens 24" snowblower that is so long, tall and heavy that I can't find an out of the way place to put it... It takes up about as much space as a good sized workbench


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    Drain the fuel and run it dry. While it's hot, drain the oil, pull the spark plug and squirt a bit of oil in the cylinder. Roll it over a couple of times, then put the plug back in, but leave the wire off. Tag the plug wire with a tag saying "no oil in motor". Find a corner to store it in, then stand it on its nose. It will take way less space and there'll be no fuel to go stale. Next fall all you do is add oil and fuel and put the plug wire back on.

    If you really need to have it stored outside, put it up on a pallet and cover it with a tarp, but don't tie it down so tight that it can't breathe. All it needs is to be covered enough that precipitation runs off.


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    I just finished my snowblower project, and added the proper signage.
    (its not really a doghouse.)
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