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Thread: Woodmaster CT and Diemaster 2

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    Woodmaster CT and Diemaster 2

    I got my bandsaw blades today for the MM20. I called Sam Blasco at MM and had him sell me a couple blades that he recommended. He convinced me to try the 1" Woodmaster CT carbide blade for the MM20 because he has been having a lot of success with it. I then told him I wanted a good 1/2" blade as well but did not need it to be carbide and he sold me another favorite of his the Diemaster 2. Sam is a great guy to deal with and MM has treated me like I have been a life long customer. Great group to deal with.

    Took a picture of the blades and one that I reversed the levels on so you can see the teeth on the Woodmaster. Woodmaster is 1" wide and 1.3tpi and the Diemaster2 is 1/2" wide and 6tpi. Both blades are 171 inches.

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    That Woodmaster looks like some serious cutting waiting to happen. You'll have to show us some action shots when you get a chance to work with it.
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