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Thread: table saw dust collection pipe location

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    table saw dust collection pipe location

    hey guys i plan on having my table saw located in the center of my "shop" and i want to run the dust collection piping to it but cant figure out the best way to do this.

    i really dont want pipes or hoses running on the ground as they would just be in the way when walking and moving stuff around so that leaves coming down from the ceiling as the main option that i can see. the problem is where do i run the pipe down that wont be in the way of cutting large panels on the saw?

    i guess im just asking how you guys ran your pipes to the table saw
    Als ik kan

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    mike, come down 5-8 feet to the right of the blade about even with the far edge of your outfeed table.
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    Mine is on the right as my RT is an extension on the left. I run it just outside my maximum fence position. If I am cutting wider than max fence position, it doesn't matter which side things hang off of for the most part.
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    I put mine to the left of the blade. I have the router lift in the extension to the right.
    I break down my sheet goods with a rail system anyway so it doesn't matter too much.
    Anything else that can't be accomplished with the miter saw or MFT setup can extend out to the right by removing the Router table fence.


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    Since you have all 4 sides open, i'm in the camp of stickin' it to the far right - just beyond the reach of your fence. It's the only place your work will rarely ever pass over.
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    another vote

    for far right, just as tod and the others have said the first shop had it from the ceiling the new one has it coming up from the floor but still right
    of saw 5ft
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    I'm a rightie also. Just beyond the edge of the extension. The drop comes down and goes under the extension to the saw. I left some extra in the flex drop just in case I ever need more room on the right.


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