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Thread: Cherry Wood Gloat

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    Cherry Wood Gloat

    The local tree guy called me and asked if I was interested in any cherry. A tree had fallen through a guy's roof right above his bed last night. I told him to bring it over and I would take a look at it. It was beautiful! I asked him how much for the whole truck load and he said free! I tutored him through a walnut bowl the other day and this was his way of saying thanks. I love happy endings!
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    Nice haul, Pete. I'm guessing we'll be seeing some nice cherry pieces coming from your lathe in the next few months.
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    Congrats Pete. Yea now we want to see some turnings off that lathe.
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    Nice pile of cherry Pete. Wish someone had me to offer me something like that, and for free of course.
    Lucky guy!


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    Yep. That's a gloat alright.

    Cherry is my favorite to work with. You've got enough to last you a little while anyway.

    Very nice gloat there, Pete.

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    good score...good things do happen to people who share their knowledge. cherry can be some of the most pleasing wood and there's enough there to find some outstanding pieces. have fun...
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    Very nice haul. Ain't scrounging fun?

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