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Thread: From Hobby To Business....

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    From Hobby To Business....

    Hello everyone....

    I thought I'd share our humble little shop with all my fellow wood workers. What started as a hobby has grown into a fully blown shop. Sometimes I think how nice it was when it was simple and a hobby. Now things are just much more complicated and busy. Don't wish for things because they may come true.

    Here's a link to our Shop Tour -
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    Very interesting. I couldn't open from the link provided. Used the URL posted with your signature.

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    Hi Joe, Looks to be an interesting business. It's always good when you get to do what you like doing. I really like the 4 head CNC, that's quite a machine. I've been collecting parts to build another, hadn't thought of putting multiple spindles on it, but would make sense. Can you post a video of it at work some time?

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    Looks like you've got quite the setup there, Joe. I think I've stumbled upon your site in past web searches. As a pool-playing woodturner, making my own cue has been a thought in the back of my mind, but with my regular woodturning lathe, I also figure it'd be a good way to take some great wood and turn it into a mediocre cue.

    Welcome's nice to have you here.
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    Hey! Welcome to the family! That's one great shop you got there and from the looks of it your having fun while doing your work. Kudos!

    BTW how do you get your hands on elephant tusks?
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