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Thread: block vs. bench planes

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    block vs. bench planes

    I just visited the Lie-Nielsen site (What's that? Drool on the keyboard? Oh, right, let me wipe that off before continuing. ) looking for pricing on a spare blade for my LN 62 LA Jack plane to be used as a "normal" angle plane.

    After clicking on about half of the other categories, I found the 62 under Block Planes. I thought to myself, "The 62 is a block plane? I thought block planes were supposed to be able to be carried in your pocket. Not even Ned or Bill could fit my 62 in a pocket, much less little old me." Then I read the description which said something like, "blah blah, bevel-up planes are technically block planes, blah blah".

    Moving along, the Hock blade I just ordered is going into an old Craftsman plane which I have been told is a number 4. Is this a bench plane? If so, should I put the blade in bevel down?

    I feel like a complete ignoramus here.

    Thankfully, ignorance can be cured.

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    'Real' men don't admit their ignorance by asking such questions. That's why I have never asked what the difference is in block and other style planes. If someone says "this is a nice block plane", I just respond with a wise sounding "yep".

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    Talking ingornace cure

    it should go in bevel down in no.4 bench plane
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