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Thread: Eucalyptus hf

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    Eucalyptus hf

    The piece was turned green and dried in a hurry. She warped, twisted, cracked and was a huge challenge. I think the end result was worth the effort.

    She's about 4-1/2" wide and about 4-1/4" tall. The finish is A/O and three wheel buffed. I used coffee grounds to fill the gapping crack that developed while drying.

    Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Photography is a whole "other" challenge.

    Thanks for looking
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi George,

    Great form and some wonderful figure in the eucalyptus!

    What is A/O finish?

    Best Regards,


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    George, it was worth the effort. She turned out really nice. Nice finish too.

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    Ooh baby, that's a nice hunk of red eucalyptus. I've still got several chunks of that in the "to be turned" pile in the back yard. Great job dealing with the crack. The form looks great and the finish superb.

    David, A/O (or AO) is Antique Oil, a wipe-on varnish/oil mix from Miniwax. (There may be other makers, too.)
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    Wow George - that's one beautiful hollow form! Great form, finish and amazing wood! Very - very nice work!

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    George....You sure did that beautiful piece of wood justice! Love that wood, form and finish! Nicely done sir!

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    Don't see a durned thing wrong with either the HF or the photography. Might be just a tad soft focus, but with that High gloss, your digi cam might be fighting to find a focal point... tip, put a card or something at the same plane as the piece, focus on that, then don't move the camera, and shoot the HF

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    Wow George!

    I really like everything about this piece!
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    Beautiful George. I really like that wood and the form. Well done.
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    George, a lot of people told you already how beautiful it is, I'm fully agree with them. The pictures are not bad at all, I'm struggling all the time with this problem.
    Keep up your good work.

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