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Thread: I upgraded to second level

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    I upgraded to second level

    Well I moved to the second step of wood turning. I made enough money to pay for the first lathe I had. A Sears cheapo tubular wonder. At least I was able to see if I would like turning for under $200.00. I like it. So I got this.

    Under $800.00 but you can really do wood turning and not have the frustration of attachments that are under performers and just straight out. NOT ENGINEERED VERY WELL.

    It still isn`t a PM or Nova DVR or The Cadillac of all lathes ROBUST. But that will be step three the finale faze. But it will do what I need. And at that price will take very little time paying for itself.

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    Welcome Duane to FWW. Congrats on the new lathe. We like lots of pics of turnings. Glad to have you with us.
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    Congratulations on the new lathe. It strongly resembles my first lathe of another brand. I used it almost daily for six years and it performed well in addition to giving me oodles of turning pleasure and shavings.

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    Wellcome Duane, seems to me a nice lathe, you are able now to show us your tricks, so don't hasitate to show us some of your turnings.


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    Duane welcome to the Family. Congrats on the upgrade!
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    good to see you made it here. now lets see some stuff from that new lathe.

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    Here are two bowls I did on my Crapman. The Bark incursioned is 9 inches diameter. The other round with bark on side was 7-3/4 diameter.

    Cant do any turning till I get the adapter for my chuck. Should be here Monday 04-14-08
    The wood of these bowls is red oak. Finish is BLO 3 coats and finale 2 coats of minwax paste finish. Make my own buffer by using an arbor. Will now use the old Crapman for a buffing station.

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    Looks as if you could pay for the lathe with a half dozen bowels at the right place.

    Nice work.

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