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Thread: A Saw Stop Review that does not feature a Wiener

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    A Saw Stop Review that does not feature a Wiener

    Charles Neil has a good video review of the Saw Stop on his web site. Here is a link:

    There are also some other video's worth looking at there.
    Cheers, Frank

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    I hope to get one of these one day... Overkill for me but I am impressed. He shows a lot of the features that make this an outstanding saw in my mind. Some actual cuts would have been nice..

    And it is a super saw from all I hear.


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    I've gotta stop watching these things. In my case, they're just pointless voyeuristic vanity, and lead me into envy and longing...

    I already know they're great, I already know I ain't getting one anytime in the foreseeable future, so why did I spend 20 minutes watching that?

    Oh, well... like Dante said, we must long for our own special perdition, and even seek it out with particular fascination...



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