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Thread: Keeping the snowblower out of the way

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    Keeping the snowblower out of the way

    I like to build things. Im not talented, nor do I have any construction background, nor do I know much about structures or anything related to them.
    But, I can stand inside my shed, and others, and measure, read, take pictures and get the basic ideas of simple construction, so I decided its time to take that big clunker of a snowblower, out of the middle of the garage so I have more room to create more whatever.
    Between the wood storage, all the rest of the stuff, the snowblower was just too much floor space to sacrifice since I havent really used it in over 2 years.
    And even when I use it, its only a couple months out of the year.
    Time to park it permanently out of my way.
    I wasnt sure if I can put up 2 sheds in my community.
    But I looked around, and doghouses are plentiful.
    Gotta make up with humor what I lack in skill.
    Getting that thing in between the shed and the garage took more brawn and skill then building it.
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    problem solved
    my goal in life is to be as good a person as my kids think i am

    life is short, even in it's longest days

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    Thumbs up thanks for the chuckle

    you definatnly solv3ed your problem now i need to ask what cujo stands for? is code for snowblower
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
    One hand washes the other!
    Don't put off today till tomorrow!

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    Lived in Michigan until I retired in Mexico. Build furniture for use. If I need it I build it.
    Larry, apparently you never saw the movie. "Cujo" is a feroucious dog in the movie. I think the name of the move is Cujo too.

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    I figured if I put Fluffy as the name, someone may be curious to see the doggie.
    This way, I dont think anyone will open the door, especially after my Attack Dog sign gets in and I put it on as well.
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