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Thread: Vacationing in Virginia

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    Vacationing in Virginia

    Just a shout out to any Virginian's. I'm taking the family on vacation to the Gordonsville area for a week and was wondering if there are any locals who might know some cool wwing stores/lumberyards/etc. in the area. The wife and kids are going horse back riding and I'm allergic to horses.......We might swing through Pennsylvania on the way back......

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    Here are some links to some, although I haven't made the time to visit them yet:

    Both are fairly easy to find from I-95. The one below is a little more of a challenge, but it is south of Fredericksburg and closer to Gordonsville than either of the other two. I'm going to try and visit it this week.

    J.C. Forest Products
    5244 LAD LAND DR
    Phone: 540-710-7222

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    Paul, I live in Remlik VA and have a sawmill. It is off Rt. 17 near Urbanna. It might be a little too far for you to drive though. we are about 2 hours from Charlottesville.
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