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    Lived in Michigan until I retired in Mexico. Build furniture for use. If I need it I build it.

    My shop!

    Been very reluctant to post my shop. It's not much compared to what I view on this thread, but here goes. First I'm a retired expat in a foreign country so I do not own my place just rent it, this is the third time I had to move and redo my workspace. This area was used to raise pigs on the back wall of the property, all brick, rock and cement with tin and misc material for a roof. The good thing I got going is the weather, it's almost perfect year around, some rain during the raining season, but I just cover up things at night. I have a nice large patio on the back of the house that I would love to turn into a shop, but so many kids around they need the play work study area. I work with almost all pine and make simple furniture, usually I like to make three or four similiar at the same time. It's just recently I bought a table saw and router, aiming to get more acurate at what I do. View these pics and you will feel lucky with your shop.
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    Thats looks like a nice place to work..

    1. Fine Furniture.
    2. Great weather.
    3. Great Shop.

    Pick one...

    Seems like it would make a great poll.

    I could throw one out in a heart beat.
    2 and 3 would be a little tougher.

    However if one had 2 then they might not even need 3 as they could make do.

    It looks as if you are very good at designing what you need.....

    Thanks for the tour...

    And Welcome

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    Smile well done

    Gerald, looks like you're having a good time. I retired two years ago, and just got back from three months in Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico where I did volunteer carpentry work at an orphanage. I sure enjoyed the winter" weather in Mexico, especially when my wife emailed updates about the non-stop rain with occasional snow.

    I'm guessing from your picture gallery that you're in Madera, Chihuahua, Mexico - is that right? It's only appropriate that someone in Madera is working in wood. So what kind of timber grows in that area?


    P.S. the Ryobi TS has to be a lot more fun than the upside down circular saw in the table.

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    Gerald, looks like a very nice workshop to me.
    I saw an own made disc sander, very simple, I love own made stuff, looks great.
    About dust, don't worry, work with the doors wide open.


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    Gerald, your shop looks like it has everything you need to get a good start on things, and by the look of your work, things are working out just fine!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    having worked in a shop which was a tad rougher than my mentor and I would have liked, I can say with 'authority' that any shop which keeps the weather off the tools is a good shop. We don't all have shop space, or if we do it may not have a roof (that's for my many 'fans' out there), or other amenities. You've got tools, you make stuff, that's more than a lot of folks have or do, so it is good enough for what you do! We can't all have the shop mahal, and a shop is, in the end, a Shop.

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    Lived in Michigan until I retired in Mexico. Build furniture for use. If I need it I build it.
    My thread is a little old here, but wanted to update my updates on my shop. I installed new plastic around the shop to keep the rain out. The rainy season started here and the biggest improvement was the grass getting greener and the flowers and trees looking good in the gardin. Originally I complained about my shop, but with the garden and weather being perfect, I don't have much to complain about. Jerry

    I remember when I originally posted this, some of you where talking about snow days and cold shops, so I'm mighty lucky don't have any of that anymore.
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