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Thread: Hey Stu (video camera question)

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    Question Hey Stu (video camera question)

    What type of video camera are you using for your videos that you upload to YouTube?


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    Bump for Stu...

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    Thanks Greg.

    Sorry for taking so long to get to this Ron, I'm trying to read back through all the threads I missed, but 10 days worth is a bit to wade through.

    I have the JVC/Victor Everio GZ-MG755 but that is not for sale in the US, but the GZ-MG555 is......

    ......and the only difference is the size of the Hard Disk Drive, the 755 is bigger.

    Great camera, I like it.

    But, if you are taking video for the net, put it on the economy setting, the resolution for the "Normal" setting is WAY to high for net work.

    One of the things I like about this camera, over many of the others that I test drove, is the small joystick thing to operate and shift between functions, this is very easy to use, especially with my fat fingers

    I also really liked the similarly equipped Sony, but it had a touch screen, and I found I was constantly touching the wrong part of the screen and having to go back, this was something that I would not have found out, if I'd just looked up the specs on the net etc.

    The other thing about this video camera is that the microphone works very well, in my various videos, I'm not using a lapel mike etc., just the stock mic on the front of the camera. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

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    Thanks Stu and welcome back

    7+ hours of record time on the hard drive, nice.

    Looks like a decent price too.

    (Thanks for the bump Greg)

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