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    Large Bowl

    I was given a chunk of wood and told that it was Maple. It sure doesn't look like Maple to me though. I am not sure what it is. This is the largest that my Craftsman lathe has turned. It is about 1/4 " thick,12" across and 9" tall at the tallest point. It has a Polyurethane finish on it(the wife likes shiney things). The bowl is being auctioned off at a silent auction to help some friends of ours raise money for adopting a little girl from China. It was fun turning a bowl this size but it did test my nerves a couple of times.
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    Maple or is beautiful. Nicely turned as well.

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    Whatever it is, you passed the test. Hope it brings a good price.

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    Beautiful bowl Shawn. Nice form and finish. Hope it does well.
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    Nice job Shawn!

    Nothing like the pucker factor when turning something big.
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    Very good looking bowl Shawn! Great form! Best of luck to you at the auction!

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    Shawn, I like the fact one side is taller than the other...makes it unique, did it happen on purpose or just pure luck? Good luck at the auction, its for a great and worthy cause.
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    Thanks for the comments. As far as the shape of the bowl, it was pure luck that it came out that way. The log was kind of oblong so I cut it the long way across.

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