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Thread: Wolverine and Setup

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    Wolverine and Setup

    Ok so I have been thinking about getting the Oneway Wolverine system, probably the basic platform and then the vari-grind. I figured if I bought the basic platform for $80 and the vari-grind jig for $47, that comes out to $127, then Hartville gives 20% for Club members, so it comes out to about the same as buying the PSI system, only without the Skew sharpening jig, which I can do without for now.
    Question 1 - I have a Shopfox 6" slow speed grinder
    will the Wolverine fit this, I think I might just have to make a little platform for my grinder?
    Question 2 - I know there are two Vari-Grind tools, one that is a little bigger, which one should I get, and common sense leads me to say get the bigger one because it can handle smaller tools as well, but you know what they say about common sense...its not to common.

    Question 3 - I was watching a video by Joe Ruminski from Asheville, NC and he used a little template to set the length of the V-Arm on the jig to get quick repeatable results with the Vari-Grind, do any of you guys know where I can get templates for this or can tell me how to do this?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Everyone has these questions... I did, before I got mine. Turns out I did a lot of worrying for nothing. Yes, I'm running mine on a six inch grinder. Made a little plywood platform. If I recall, the jig comes with instructions for doing this, as well as instructions for making a template. Lots of people make their own 'vari-grind' attachments... I did too. Not a big deal. It worked well for a long time, and I'd still be using mine if I hadn't gotten a real one as a christmas present. They're not complicated to make, since all you're trying to do is to have a repeatable and uniform angle.

    Most people who have a wolverine like them. I know I like mine. There are also lots of people who can just grind by eye, but I'm not one of them...



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    If I am going to buy a sharpening jig, that would be what I do as well.
    You can find see the how to here:

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    Hi Mike,
    Like so many others, I too went through the process of setting up this system.
    It does come with instructions for the platform and its very easy.
    I went for the smaller of the two jigs and it handles all my gouges with ease.I think it goes up to 1/2" or maybe even 5/8" although you will need to check that.

    To set the distance, simply use the V shape carrier at the end of the long arm as your guide. Its about 2" in length and by using that you have guaranteed repeat every time without a separate template.
    regards, Bill

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    I forgot to mention that i also bought the Skew attachment and I like it a lot as it gives a pretty flat bevel, my preference, on the skews.
    Regards, Bill

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