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Thread: Veneer press pump from fridge?

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    Veneer press pump from fridge?

    I thought I read you can remove a pump from a fridge to drive a DIY veneer press. Any info on how to do this pump removal? I have a fridge about to go to scrap that has a perfectly good running pump on it. Anybody removed this pump before?

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    weeeelll, it worried about the epa are you?..........cutting the lines really isn`t a big issue, nor is soldering on some type of connection to hook into your bag plumbing..
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    I don't think releasing the gas is an issue. The pump should work, but I have heard from others that refrig pumps take a l-o-n-n-n-g, l-o-n-n-n-g time to remove any substantial quantity of air. Worth a try though. Price is right.

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    One other thing that may or may not make it worth the effort is that IIRC, the freon used in the Fridge also acts as the lubricant for the pump, so when it is just pumping air, it may not last very long. Maybe someone else will remember if this is correct or not.

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