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Thread: I'm new and glad to be here

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    I'm new and glad to be here

    My name is Andrew (Andy) Gingo and I discovered the forum by accident and was hooked immediately. In a way I wish I did not find it (ha ha) I spent much of yesterday and up late last night going through posts. It is addicting.

    I tend to ramble when I write so I want to say a couple things first.

    Thank you to all that have posted the information is great and entertaining. A couple times my wife asked me what I was laughing at.

    I can see why it is called family woodworking I immediately felt like I knew a lot of you out there after reading your posts.

    I will be doing a lot of reading old posts and get more familiar with the site so I may not post often at first but I will be here. I bet most of my questions are already answered somewhere in the forum.

    Now I got that out of the way a little about myself. My wife’s name is Melody, have two little girls Kaylee (4) & Kendra (2) and two boys Bradley (19) and Corey (17). The boys live in Indiana and the rest of us live in Warrensburg Missouri. Also have two male (brothers) dashed puppies.

    I retired from the Air Force in 2006 after 22 years and presently a full time student finishing a masters in accounting this May. So where I will be living in the future depends on where I get a job. Hopefully here in Missouri, Indiana or Ohio to be close to family.

    I have done some carpentry, plumbing, brick work, mechanical work and metal work. I love to take thing apart to see how they work and sometimes get them back together. The house I purchased work, which I will do myself of course. I started with crown molding in a couple rooms, and want to eventually build custom kitchen cabinets. So I needed a table saw. Well I purchase a J-Line (Brodhead & Garret) 10” table saw for $100 which is in good condition. The original fence, two miter gages and three extra cast iron extensions were included. No rust anywhere, just a few chips and scratches in the in the cabinet, one missing access panel and the mechanism to tilt the bald is really stiff (I think it need lubrication and cleaning.

    So searching for J-Line information led me to the forum. Good find.

    Well that is a little about me. As I said above, it’s great to be here and thank you to every one for the great posts.

    Andy Gingo

    P.S. the guy I got the saw from had an old craftsman cast iron radial are saw that looked like new also for $100 I did not want it because it looked big and heavy. Wish I found the forum earlier, when I called back it was gone.

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    Wellcome Andrew, now we know something about you, don't be shy, we like it to see some work of you.

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    Welcome to the Family Andrew!
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    welcome an missouri isnt such a bad place to live is it
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    hi andrew!
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    Welcome Andrew. Glad to have you here.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the family.
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    Welcome, Andy, to our Family. Pull up a chair and pour a cuppa--we're all pretty friendly here---and we love pictures!!
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    Hi Andrew!.

    Welcome aboard!
    Best regards,

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