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Thread: Old Vulcan Saw - can anyone help identify age

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    Old Vulcan Saw - can anyone help identify age

    Hello all,

    I bought a couple of old hand saws today and now I'm trying to find out how old this one saw is. The etching on the blade reads:

    Vulcan Saw Mfg Co
    Vulcan Saw Works
    Brookly NY
    Cast Steel Warranted
    Patent (not legible)

    Saw is a 20" cross cut. Really pretty wood for the handle even though I not positive what species (maybe mahagony??). Saw has two medallions. The one of the front side of the handle says "warranted superior". The one on the back says "L. Wheeler, Pat Dec 21, 1869, Superior". I've got a full-length picture of the saw and a picture of the rear medallion. I've searched the web and came up with a site that has some of the old Vulcan saws but this one doesn't seem to be listed.

    I'll be glad to send full size pics to anyone to better identify. Just let me know. Any help would be appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Medallion rear2.jpg   Vulcan Saw2.jpg  
    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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    Looks like a nice saw. Wish I could help you out.

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    Update - Answer found

    I found a website yesterday which had some info on the Vulcan saws but not mine. I received an email from Joshua Clark who amassed the info on the site and here is his response:

    "Thanks so much for contacting me. I think I have your saw figured out..

    The Harvey Peace Co. did make model "24" saw at some point prior to
    the time they were bought out by the National Saw Company. It was on
    the lower-end of their line of traditional (non-perfection handle)
    saws and I believe it was commonly re-branded for hardware stores. If
    you note, nowhere on the etch does it mention "Harvey W. Peace". This
    is sort of like Disston's "Keystone" or "Jackson" line of saws which
    were obviously Disston-made but they didn't carry the name. I do have
    a record of the P-24 handsaw in the recently-released NAtional Saw
    Company catalog that the MWTCA released last year. In the catalog it
    is described as "Cast Steel, Grained Blade, Warranted; Beech Handle,
    Polished Edges, four screws (The 24-inch and smaller saws had three
    screws. The pricing was as follows: 26" $15, 24" $14, 22" $12.50, 20"
    $11.25, 16" $9.00, and 14" $8.00, all for 1/3 dozen quantity boxes.
    Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to update my site with this
    information. I haven't seen one of these saws before- thanks for
    showing it to me!

    I think the medallion and lower saw-nut on this saw are replacements.
    The top nut looks like a normal saw nut from this period. The
    medallion is from a Middletown, NY saw maker names Lemanual Wheeler
    who made saws from 1868-1873."

    Thought those who looked at the saw might find some interest in this.
    Lee Laird
    Austin TX

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